Sketches from Romania #1

Recently I travelled to Romania to take part in some conservation work run by Operation Wallacea. I was there for four weeks and in that time I saw more butterflies than I’ve seen in in my life so far!
We spent a week in 4 villages in the Tavana Mare region helping to carry out surveys. This included my first time ever bird ringing. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to do the ringing but we were able to let them go. It’s definitely something I’d like to do some more of at home. Maybe in other countries if I’m lucky.

I managed to pick up a few bird calls while I was there and I will never forget the sound of a black woodpecker. It’s the most eerie sounding and pretty thing at 5:00 in the morning (See here)

While I was there I kept a journal and did a few drawings when I had time. The sketch above is of the view from where we were staying in our first week, Viscri. It was a slightly more touristy village so had little stall that sold local wares such as honey and felted slippers. Non of the other villages we visited had this.

Viscri was one of my favourite villages for the village itself. The surrounding area was a little more intensively farmed than other places but the village was welcoming and the dogs were friendly (or at least didn’t bark at you so much). We had one dog friend who greeted us as we came out if our gate and reminded me a lot of one of a dog I know at home who I think is a Kelpie cross breed.There was also a puppy at out host family’s house called Blackie (and yes.Us being the mature uni students we were, the racism card was played. I’m fairly sure the kids had named their dogs though. They had another called Poofy). Blackie was an adorable ball of fluff and teeth who preferred playing tug of war with our arms and clothes rather than the make-shift toys we made him.We still loved him either way.


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