Sketches from Romania #2

Two sketches of our second village, Malancrav.

The second is unfinished but you could see more houses and the grave yard opposite our campsite aswell as the hills on the other side of the valley. 

This was the loudest of the four villages with dogs and music going at all hours. Also, around 6am and 7pm every day we heard what sounds like rifle fire. We eventually found out that this noise was actually whip cracks. They use them to direct the cattle into their over-night shelter and communal milking parlour. It’s just the noise they use, the whips never touch the cattle. We went to go see it one of the evenings and it was quite a site seeing a herd of cattle plodding over the hills!

The cows in Romania are mostly communal herds. Each cow belongs to one of the houses in the village and every evening the cows come back down into the village and go home. 

I’ll talk more about the actual wildlife in the next couple of posts. These are the last of the village sketches, mainly because the next village didn’t have very good views from camp (and I was ill for a couple of days) but also because I wanted to draw more of the creature we were seeing.


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