Sketches from Romania #3

Sketches of some of the birds we saw or ringed in Romania.
It was amazing seeing and hearing hundreds of shrike when you consider how rare they are in the UK. Once upon a time they were reasonably common, but now there’s only 1-3 breeding pairs in the country. We ringed 102 Red Backed Shrike during the expedition, and that’s out of 1082 birds in total!

I had a bit of grief with the oriel drawing. For a start I don’t like working with colour pencil, but drawing an oriel in gray-scale just doesn’t do the bird justice. I ended up borrowing some slightly cheap pencils of someone then only for the black to be the worst black pencil I’ve ever used. I ended up using sharpie to get the colour a tad closer to what I wanted. Not great but still better  than just the black pencil! I promise!
And then there’s this one, drawn from an image the size of the tip of my thumb.

Turned out alright considering bit others something about it that I’m not quite happy with.

Also, I always forget how difficult it is to photograph graphite drawings without a shine so I apologies for the horrific photo quality.

Unfortunately I don’t have a telescopic lenses for my camera, so to do these sketches I used a Collins picture guide and a Collins bird guide.


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