Forest of Dean

Notebook sketch of the view outside our cabin. (Partly drawn from memory because it got too dark and it was our last day there, whoops)

The Forest of Dean is a beautiful place. Would go again.
The area we visited was former forestry commission land-turned holiday camp and nature reserve. As you may know, the forest of Dean  is one of the places where wild boar were reintroduced. I never saw one in person, but everyday I saw fresh signs of the wild boar just a few hundred metres from where we were staying.  It’s a good excuse to go again.

Our cabin looked out on to the woods. It was mostly pine forest with the odd beech scattered here and there. It was the kind of forest that reminds you how a forest should be. Huge trees, some probably 50 metres tall, broken branches and natural clearings. None of the dense, murky soldiers ranks of pine you often see on forestry commission land. 

The weather while we were there was cool and clear most days, except on the 4th day when it decided to snow. We got about 4 inches, which lasted long enough for us to go on a winter walk to Simmonds Yatt, but melted just in time for us to go home. Such thoughtful weather.

Our dogs thoroughly enjoyed the snow. Rosey – our 8 year old Labrador – actually ran for once, a rare occurrence. She also decided to plant her face in the snow to have a sniff at something underneath. Meanwhile Harry has decided that catch snowballs is his new favourite thing.

Overall it was a great trip and I’d like to go again and spend more time bird watching and looking for boar. I’d quite like to do some more walks through the forest off the main tracks, maybe early in the morning when nobody is about apart from the animals.

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