My name is Helen Davison! I am an amateur artist and a zoologist. This blog is essentially going to be my website seeing as I can’t HTML my way out of a paper bag.

I work in most media and try to incorporate my love of zoology and nature into my work.

And though I can’t promise regular posts, I hope I can keep you interested enough to stay with me and see what I do.

I am currently open for commission, contact me using the form at the bottom of this page if you are interested.

All artwork and photography on this site is mine unless otherwise stated. Any references I use are either my own photos, those given to me, or what I can find on Arkive or Google images that are labelled for reuse.


Logo Commissions for the University of Liverpool (2017)

Blue eyed horse (summer) (2017)

Aberdovey (2016)

Purple Dragon (2016)

Word Elephants (2016)

Phoebe the Dog (2015)

Tina the Horse (2015)

Black Dog Portrait (2015)

Bobby the Horse (2014)

Mango the Dog (2014)

Horse and Jockey (2014)

Sporting Heros Display Boards for Mere Green School (2014)

Owl (2014)

Contact me

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