Cheetahs are basically just scaled up domestic cats. Did you know they purr? Quick cheetah sketch from a photo by Megan McCubbin.


Dragons have been my go too doodle since primary school. I just love drawing them!

A4 pencil and chalk illustration of a Golden Dragon Fish, Scleropages formosus.

Scottish wildcat (Felis sylvestris) is the UK’s last surviving large predator. Known as the tiger of the highlands, they are fearsome predators and were thought to be man eaters as late as the 1950s. Wildcats have managed to avoid the same fate as wolves in the UK, but there is a huge problem with domestic... Continue Reading →

The amani flatwing (Amanipodagrion gilliesi) is a rare species of damselfly. It is endemic to Tanzania and it has only been recorded on two streams in the Amani-Sigi forest. Flatwing damselflies are characterised by their unusually tapered wings and their curious habit of holding them horizontally when they rest. Not the neatest drawing, but definitely... Continue Reading →

Arabian leopard (Panthera pardus nimr), the smallest sub species of leopard. There are fewer than 250 individuals left in the wild.

Stalk softly, 
Silent patience, 
Watching, waiting, 


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