I still love how well acrylic seems to go on polystyrene. When I painted formby dunes, I was worried that it might do something weird, but so far so good! Here's a couple of close ups of the details:


Here I go again, repurposing another polystyrene pizza base for a landscape painting!

Formby dunes painted on a polystyrene pizza base. I felt bad throwing it out and thought I might as well try painting on it! I started with a white base coat to make the surface a uniform colour then I went in with some burnt umber to under coat the dunes and darker clouds. I... Continue Reading →

Watercolour landscape of Minesmere heath, Norfolk. The splashes of purple heather on the heath in August is so pretty. This has taken me forever to get round to finishing, but it's finally done! My aim this year is to do more landscapes and get better at them.

Notebook sketch of the view outside our cabin. (Partly drawn from memory because it got too dark and it was our last day there, whoops) The Forest of Dean is a beautiful place. Would go again. The area we visited was former forestry commission land-turned holiday camp and nature reserve. As you may know, the... Continue Reading →

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