Watercolour landscape of Minesmere heath, Norfolk. The splashes of purple heather on the heath in August is so pretty. This has taken me forever to get round to finishing, but it's finally done! My aim this year is to do more landscapes and get better at them.


Aldeburgh at Night

I sat on the beach with my family on night on holiday, it was an on the spur decision and oh it was worth it. The moon rose low and red, the august metiorite shower was in full sway and the milkyway hung in the sky like a cloud that's not quite there. I have... Continue Reading →

I think the experiment worked! ..mostly. I've discovered that my masking fluid slightly stains the paper and maybe the piece isn't quite as clean as I'd want. Besides that though I'm alright with it! Media - watercolour on 14"x10" coldpress 300gsm watercolour paper

Thresher (in progress)

I'm trying something a little different with my watercolours this time with the background. (Mainly because thresher sharks are too long for the paper so the painting would mostly be empty space. I also couldn't find many decent reference images for them) I'm going to try a graphite drawing of one and see how that... Continue Reading →

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