Doodle of the day

Now if only doodling were examinable material.


Digital Doodle 1


Lets pretend Gobe is a templar and assassins are out to get him.
I think this happened around the time Gobe was being a dick and fudging around with the education system in a bad way. Again.

I kind of want to make digital doodles a series. It would be random cartoonish doodles that probably would make any sense to anyone (including me) except at the time of drawing.



Started out as a doodle then I realised that it looked like a wendigo (a delightful creature ftom folklore that consumes human hearts to extend it’s life. Let’s not forget that this it was a human turned cannibal. See? Delightful.)
Wasn’t quite sure how to do the feet so they look a bit funky.