Stripes 2


A2 multimedia piece.

Who needs paint, when you have electrical tape. I have filled each segment with a mixture of fabric, paper, acetate or have simply removed the offending white paper underneath (the grey looking segments, aka “the table”).

It was an experiment in preparation for my final exam piece but i think it turned out quite well.



A3 mixed media (watercolour, chalk, collage). Yes that is electrical tape. And wallpaper. And my brother. Again.

This was my final exam piece, which we had to complete in 5 hours. The green sticker is there to identify it as the final piece to exam moderators. I need to take it off or cover it with more tape.

Contained 1


A1 chalk piece.

One of the first massive chalk peices I did and the one where I realised that I really like chalk as a medium.

Sorry about the massive fold down the middle but there wasn’t any A1 black paper and it has been in storage for a while.

Also thanks to my friends for allowing me to use them for photos. My A level work practically be non existent without them.