Ok, this one isn't a stranger. She's the one who suggested I do this thing in the first place. She is far better at the business and self promotion side of things than me. Her name is Nikita. You might know here from the vultures drawing collaboration I did.

A little experiment with colours and light to make something a little more abstract.

I still love how well acrylic seems to go on polystyrene. When I painted formby dunes, I was worried that it might do something weird, but so far so good! Here's a couple of close ups of the details:

Here I go again, repurposing another polystyrene pizza base for a landscape painting!

The European eel is something of a puzzle. Humans have know about it, eaten it and studied it since Aristotle's time, but much confusion still remains surrounding the eel and it's mysterious sex life. For the longest time eels were thought to spontaneously generate from mud, mainly due to the fact that their younger forms... Continue Reading →

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