Inktober prompt 24: dizzy

New Zealand's Kereru pigeons are infamous for getting drunk off fermented fruit

Inktober prompt 23: ancient

The Chinese giant salamander is an ancient looking beast and a reminder of the sizes that prehistoric Amphibians used to reach. One of these guys can reach almost 2m in length.

Ghost sharks, or chimeras, are found swimming in some of the deepest part of the known ocean. They drift eerily through the water, pale skinned and bulbous eyed, patiently waiting to stumble across food.

Jewel beetles are beautiful little creatures and quite tricky to do with pens as it turns out.

Chameleons have incredibly powerful sticky tongues that they sling at their prey

I think hollybluegate on tumblr said it best: "If you don't know the difference between a hare and a rabbit you've never gazed into the cold wild eyes of a hare and known that if it could speak it would speak backwards"

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