Here I go again, repurposing another polystyrene pizza base for a landscape painting!


Formby dunes painted on a polystyrene pizza base. I felt bad throwing it out and thought I might as well try painting on it! I started with a white base coat to make the surface a uniform colour then I went in with some burnt umber to under coat the dunes and darker clouds. I... Continue Reading →

  Exams are finished so I finally get to finish this thing. We're almost there! Media: A3 canvas paper, acrylics

Thresher (in progress)

I'm trying something a little different with my watercolours this time with the background. (Mainly because thresher sharks are too long for the paper so the painting would mostly be empty space. I also couldn't find many decent reference images for them) I'm going to try a graphite drawing of one and see how that... Continue Reading →

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